February 10, 2006

In with Google Gmail, out with Outlook

Ah HA! Google has done it again, and this time they are challenging the biggest of them all...Microsoft, more specifically Microsoft Outlook. Using Google Gmail accounts, all 10,000 San Jose City College students will be able to host their own private domain-name. Stephanie Hannon, publisher on Google’s Official Blog, suggests that this new service will create a stronger community for all SJCC students.

Indeed it will, so why not try it for Santa Clara University students. I recently discovered SCU’s blog, which captures the lives of several freshmen as they embark on their journey through college. SCU prides themselves on taking leadership and creating leaders, and this is an excellent opportunity for students to collaborate with today’s leader in technology, Google.

Nicholas Carr also includes that this new service is available to businesses and organizations as well. I would not be surprised if this service captures the attention of several small and medium sized businesses. Perhaps the large, enterprise corporations will not be willing to take such a risk, but certainly the millions of small/medium sized business will...in fact that's a good market to dive into. *hint, hint*

Want to set up your own private domain? Do it here.

Additional links on this enticing new service:

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At 2/13/2006, Anonymous martin english said...

Hi chris, in reply to your comment, what gets me is that these guys don't realise that there is a lot of residual dislike for MS (hatred is too strong a word for the way most people feel about them, despite the slashdot cliches).

And like most of the blogosphere, they have no sense of history past last week, and more importantly, no real idea of how a serious enterprise works.

I mean, hosted email ? for the enterprise ? I can imagine my Customers auditors reaction (and it would be a lot more than laughing at me for suggesting it; with some of our customers, it could cost my employer the contract).


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