January 09, 2006

"The Whole Word Can Talk For FREE"

"The Whole Word Can Talk For FREE"...this is the tagline for a new program called "SKYPE"

There is an interesting service out on the net that offers registered users the opportunity to talk to other users for FREE anywhere around the world. It's just like talking on the phone, but instead you are using the internet.

In a bold statement, a reviewer noted:

"Skype is going to change the world. People are going to be including their Skype on their business card. "
url = http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,4149,1402336,00.asp

I think everyone should try this out. Just download the program and set up your username at www.skype.com. Once you are set up...search for me: my SKYPE name = Christopher.Salazar or you can search for my full name = Christopher Anthony Salazar

When you are set, call me and let me know what you think.

Quick Thought: I cannot wait for this to be implemented in cars. *dreaming*


At 1/10/2006, Blogger Laura said...

hello!!!!nice blog!!!!!

At 1/10/2006, Blogger Jeremiah Owyang said...

I wonder how the phone companies will respond...

At 1/10/2006, Blogger Gilbert Salazar and Family said...

Interesting question Jeremiah. However, I do not think phone companies will even care. Why?

The free conversation occurs between users of SKYPE...and compare to the amount of users telephone companies have world-wide, the SKYPE users is significantly low (at least now).

Yet, the discount long distance calling SKYPE offers can offer some competition to telephone companies, but there are already other companies who offer discounted rates just like SKYPE using call centers, calling cards, etc.

So, if the SKYPE program remains at its current state I dont believe it will be a threat to telephone companies. However, if it starts to evolve and tap into other mediums as well, then they should take careful note.

I can't wait to see what happens...



At 1/11/2006, Blogger Easton Ellsworth said...

At Know More Media, we typically use Skype instead of making "traditional" phone calls because of all the money it saves us. What a lifesaver when you have bloggers in several different states and countries!

At 1/14/2006, Blogger Jeremiah Owyang said...

Chris, I think phone companies do care --and quite a bit.

This is a competitive and disruptive technology


At 1/14/2006, Blogger Gilbert Salazar and Family said...

Good point Jeremiah. I see this clearly as Easton Ellsworth points out that her company uses Skype very frequently. Telephone Companies DO care. Thanks for pointing this out.



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