September 29, 2005

Web Technology: Refrigerators + TVs + Internet = ONE

Some predict the web will soon be integrated in just about everything. The web is such an undervalued tool that many companies overlook. The WEb is the SLEEPER to success in any industry. But why not? The web is fast, efficient, cheap, and scalable. Companies should be begging to use the tools of the web. I am not kidding. In fact, I recently read about how the internet is "ubiquitous" and "amorphous." For more info, click here.

In fact, a concept called "community marketing" is now seen as a credible tool to help companies gain the competitive edge. For more on community marketing, visit this site: Web Strategy by Jeremiah . The benefits of community marketing are clearly sure to visit the site!


In addition, to community marketing, the WEB is slowly started to creap into our everyday appliances. Soon, the common electric socket will serve as your home's connection to broadband with a new chip developed by Matsushita -- which means the end of all the ethernet cables and wireless (home) networks. This technology is not new, and in fact this unique broadband service is currently in use by several US companies. Matsushita's (MC) system delivers fast-speed broadband information at up to 170 megabits per second, which is faster than ethernet.

Here is how to use it:

  1. Attach a special device made by Matsushita to a 110/120 volt regular home socket
  2. Plug your TV and other gadgets into the socket for instant connection to broadband

VERY SIMPLE! However, my question is how much will the adapters be? But, wouldn't it be nice to have your refrigerator or TV hook up to the internet. Hmm, just the thought of watching sports and checking my mail at the same time is HEAVEN!

But, there are some other features that this "socket" can provide, that I foresee is the future! Close your eyes, and image this:

You are in the office and remember "Oh, I need to get a few things from the grocery store. But, what did I need to get?" Well, with your network-connected refrigerator you can connect through a mobile phone or latpop and check what you have in your refrigerator and what you need. Doesn't this sound like a dream-come true?

Or if this doesnt sound good, you can turn of and on all gadgets in your home with a simple switch that is connected to the network. For example, you are outside and say to yourself "Did I turn on the washer?" Instead of going inside your home, checking the washer, and risk getting distracted from cleaning the yard, you can turn it on with a simple flip of the switch. can you imagine what the feature would be like?

I dont know about you, but have you ever watched an episode of the "Jetsons" and wondered, "When will we ever have technology like them?" Yes, I know its a long stretch, but we are getting closer. But, the only way we can get there is with the WEB as our tool!


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