January 03, 2006

Community Marketing: Let's Make a Favor!

How many of you need favors, but cannot find anyone to help you? Well, perhaps your favor can be fulfilled with a new company called FavorVille. Although this new company is gathering little traffic, I am anxious to see how it will grow. Already it is gathering some international hype.

This company really encompasses the idea of community marketing. The company is letting the users take charge and collaborate with other individuals. Anyone can create a new task and anyone can answer. Let's keep an eye on this company and see if it expands.

Key Benefits FavorVille:
  • Need a Favor? Just post it on FavorVille's site and hope that someone will have the necessary resources to help you.
  • It's Free. You can't lose when it's free.
  • Get stuff you need, give away stuff to another deserving person. Need song lyrics, need a mattress, give away an extra tv or bike...GO TO FavorVille
This seems like a really useful service that has the opportunity to benefit people around the world. And with the recent hype with blogging, I wouldn't be surprised if something does come of this idea. Time will tell.


At 1/06/2006, Blogger Jeremiah Owyang said...

This is interesting, it's like the next generation of a bulletin board (like craigslist)

have you seen yaho's recent service release?

Yahoo Answers


It's also community based service, where members assist each other, not with favors but with answers to questions. (attention marketers, great way to capture quick research)

At 1/07/2006, Blogger Gilbert Salazar and Family said...

Thanks Jeremiah for the Yahoo Answers link. This is a cool service. I am curious to see if Google will captivate on this type of service.


At 1/08/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cool. Rating members will come in handy.


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