January 25, 2006

Santa Clara University Campus Notebook: blogSCU

In an interesting strategy to attract prospective students and parents to Santa Clara University, SCU is documenting the lives of 5 freshman as they voyage through the college life. How? Blogs...blogSCU allows prospective parents/students to read the "Campus Notebook" of five individuals as they complete freshman registration, orientation, and classes. But that is not all, you also get a look into their personal lives as some chose to live on and off-campus.

Why is SCU doing this? Easy, what better way to let the whole world see what it's like to be a freshman at SCU? The blogs serve as an indirect marketing strategy aimed towards "prospective" parents and students. Why didn't they have this when I was in high-school looking for the "right" university? I am curious to see how this blogging program will evolve, especially as a Jesuit University.

So, SCU is doing this, but can businesses use the same concept? Absolutely, its almost like an online public focus group. It's a good way to work out the kinks in a product or service. It also builds trust between the business and the customers since the businesses are turning to the customers to perfect their product. I would definately try this...anyone else agree?

Anyone know of other colleges that have a blog?

How about businesses that are following this type of plan?


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