February 13, 2006

Hello Peerflix, good-bye Netflix

Just when I was on the verge of signing up for Netflix, like everyone else, I came across an interesting yet stunning new company called Peerflix. How are they different? First, they advertise no hidden charges, no sign up fee, no monthly fee, and no hassle.

Here's how to get the dvd's you want:

  • Step 1: Sign up for free. List the DVDs you have in your collection and submit it to their database.
  • Step 2: Create your own "want" list of DVDs.
  • Step 3: You will receive notification when someone else wants one of the DVDs in your collection, then you send them the DVD in a "trade" envelope. Plus you get trade points, earn enough and you can guy a DVD for free.
  • Step 4: Pick the DVD you want and trade
Has anyone tried this service? How does it work? Keep me updated with your experiences. I will sign up for this too and let you know how it turns out.


At 2/13/2006, Blogger Brad said...

You should also check out www.switchdiscs.com

I like it better than peerflix although it is brand new so peerflix has much more available.

At 2/13/2006, Blogger Gilbert Salazar and Family said...

Hi Brad,

Thank you for your comment. I will definately check out switchdiscs. Keep me updated on your experiences!

-Christopher Salazar

At 3/16/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wanted to mention our trading site SwapSimple.com. It has recently expanded from Textbooks to DVDs and Video Games, so if you have a moment come and check us out.

We do a considerable amount of things differently than everyone else - like integrated shipping, guaranteed trades, instant credits up front when you list items...and I'd be interested in your feedback.

Thanks, Elliot


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