April 07, 2006

Blogging for the Future - Are you "Wiifme"?

There has been some talk about the MySpace generation someday moving on to the professional blogosphere once they “graduate” and enter the corporate world. However, instead of arguing whether or not this will happen, I would rather talk about the benefits of blogging for the new interns and/or new hires entering the workforce.

Wiifme… “What’s In It For Me” you ask? Here are some key benefits:

1. Enables you to venture out into the Corporate World
As a new hire/intern you are not particularly familiar with corporate “lingo” or even what’s going on in the workforce. Blogging is YOUR vehicle to learning about yourself, your company, and business in general. It’s important to think past the theories you learn in school, and start paying attention to reality—what’s really happening in Corporate America.

2. Strengthens your ability to write and articulate your thoughts clearly to your key audience
We all learn how to articulate our thoughts in school, but figuring out who your audience is and writing for them is the real battle. This is an on-going challenge that you will face throughout your professional career. Especially in business, you will need to learn how to write proposals, online documentations, analysis, and “how to” documentations. Blogging helps you develop these skills so you are prepared. I have noticed that my writing skills have improved since my first few posts and I look forward to improving them post by post.

3. Immerses you into the world-wide network
The beauty of the blogosphere is the scalability of the internet. Wherever there’s internet, you can blog. How is this different from MySpace, Xanga, or Facebook? Well, for one, a professional blog allows you to connect with other business professionals (most have several years of experience in their career). So instead of engaging in conversations with classmates (who may or may not work after college), you can start building your own professional network. I have found that building a network is an essential key to success and blogging makes it so much easier. You have access to millions of people around the world, why not take a chance and immerse yourself?!?!

4. Allows you to participate in the business conversation
I briefly touched on this a bit earlier, but engaging in business conversations is MOST important. Not only are you conversing with others, but this forces you to think BUSINESS. Rather than just thinking micro, you will start to think macro…about the business world! It is very important for new hires/interns to step out of their comfort zone right away and get the head start. The business world is highly competitive, but starting early will give you the edge. You might not think that blogging has much benefit, but once you blow your coworkers/managers away with your experience in “business conversations”…you will shine!

5. Can be used in interviews to impress your interviewers
Although this never occurred to me when I first started my blog, I have heard from several other people that my blog can be used in future interviews. How? Every interviewer wants to get to know a little more about YOU, so talk about yourself, then offer them an opportunity to visit your blog and see how you really think. This shows dedication and interest in Corporate America, beyond textbooks. You are making an attempt to not only read about business, but process the data and make your own conclusions/assumptions. In my opinion, that’s the sign of a true “go-getter.”

There are several other benefits of blogging, but I want to leave that up to you! Here are some questions for you to think about:

1. What have I missed?
2. Do you not agree with some of my conclusions?
3. Will professional blogging benefit the MySpace generation?

Please, talk back. Let me know. Let’s have a conversation!


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